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  January 5, 2006

Redbug Upgrades Mapwing, Announces Virtual Tour Contest

(Dillsburg, PA) - Redbug Technologies has released Mapwing Creator Pro 1.1, a free upgrade including enhancements and bug fixes. Redbug has also announced a virtual tour contest with over $2000 in free software awarded for the best tours. Contest rules and information can be found at http://www.redbugtech.com/contest/. The Mapwing Creator Pro 1.1 updater can be downloaded from http://www.redbugtech.com/downloads.php.

Mapwing Creator Pro 1.1 is a major rewrite of the application. The free upgrade includes improved image and hotspot performance, new circular styled points, an enhanced undo system, and numerous bug fixes. Also, Mapwing Viewer has been upgraded to version 1.1.4.

The virtual tour contest challenges users to build tours using the demo version of Mapwing Creator Pro. Creators of the best tours will receive retail copies of Mapwing Creator Pro. The contest begins today (January 5th) with a winner chosen about every two weeks. The demo version of Mapwing Creator Pro can be downloaded from http://www.redbugtech.com/downloads.php.

Mapwing is a software technology for building, sharing, and exploring virtual reality (VR) tours. It enables anyone with a digital camera and a computer to create tours quickly and easily. The Mapwing homepage is http://www.redbugtech.com/mapwing.php. A tour gallery, including a tour of Apple's campus, can be found at http://www.redbugtech.com/tours.php.

Mapwing Creator Pro is an application enabling users to build VR tours from digital photos. Users can create VR locations or "points" out of images and connect these together to form tours. A tour can be enhanced with an interactive map, text comments, website links, and detail image hotspots. Mapwing Creator Pro can save tour projects (.flyp) and streaming tours (.flys). It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

Mapwing Viewer is an application for exploring Mapwing virtual tours. It can open tour projects (.flyp) and streaming tours (.flys). Mapwing Viewer uses OpenGL to display tours smoothly and with high-quality graphics. It is available as a free download for Mac OS X 10.3 or higher and Windows 2000/XP. To learn more, please visit http://www.redbugtech.com/viewer.php.

Mapwing Web Viewer is a server-side Flash/PHP application used to embed Mapwing tours into web pages. Using Mapwing Web Viewer, content creators can stream Mapwing tours to users with Adobe Flash Player. To learn more, please visit http://www.redbugtech.com/webviewer.php.

Redbug Technologies is a software development company based in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. The company was formed in 2004 and is presently focused on exploring VR software technologies.
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